Woman sewing and smoking

Original photograph taken by Charles Barker Howdill (1863–1941)

Howdill used the problematic term ‘gipsy’ in a number of photo titles, in line with common parlance a century ago. This sequence of photographs features a group of ‘Circassian gypsies’ who took up temporary residence in two houses in Cobourg Street, Leeds – later demolished to make way for the Merrion Centre. They were the subject of an article possibly written by Howdill and illustrated by one of his photographs: ‘A Circassian Colony’, Yorkshire Evening Post, 9 December 1911.

LEEDM.F.1993.0005.0105 AL description:  Black and white photograph of gipsy woman, seated, smoking and sewing. Apparently same woman as seen with tambourine and with children in other images. Found amongst Corsican notes in box Eu.Gen.13.